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Real Estate Glossary of Terms

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Term Definition
Joint and Several Liabilitya creditor can demand full repayment from any and all of those who have borrowed, each borrower is liable for the full debt, not just the prorated share.
Joint Tenancyownership of realty by two or more persons, each of whom has an undivided interest.
Joint Venturean agreement between two or more persons who invest in a single business or property.
Judgmenta decree of a court stating that one individual is indebted to another and fixing the amount of the indebtedness.
Judgment Creditorone who has received a court decree or judgment for money due from a debtor.
Judgment Lienthe claim upon the property of a debtor resulting from recording a judgment.
Judicial Foreclosurehaving a defaulted debtor's property sold where the court ratifies the price paid.
Jumbo LoanA loan larger than the maximum allowed by conforming loans. The threshold amount has traditionally been adjusted more or less on an annual basis and has been in the low $200,000's. Banks and mortgage brokers can quote the current threshold. They are typically available at interest rates slightly higher than those of conforming loans and typically require the same underwriting standards as conforming loans. (see definition of "conforming loan" above).
Junior Mortgagea mortgage whose claim against the property will be satisfied only after prior mortgages have been repaid.

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