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Real Estate Glossary of Terms

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Term Definition
Land Contractsee Contract for Deed.
Land Leasesee Ground Lease.
Land TrustA revocable, living trust primarily used to hold title to real estate for privacy and anonymity. Also known as an Illinois Land Trust or Nominee Trust. The land trustee is a nominal title holder, with the beneficiaries having the exclusive right to direct and control the actions of the trustee.
Landlockedcondition of a lot that has no access to public thoroughfare except through an adjacent lot.
Leasea contract in which, for a rent payment, the one entitled to the possession of the real property (lessor) transfers those rights to another (lessee) for a specified period of time.
Lease Optiona lease combined with an option agreement that gives the lessee (tenant) the right to purchase the property under specified conditions.
Lease Purchasea lease combined with a purchase agreement that obligates the lessee (tenant) to purchase the property under specified conditions.
Leaseholdthe interest or estate on which a lessee (tenant) of real estate has a lease.
Leasehold EstateA way of holding title to a property wherein the mortgagor does not actually own the property but rather has a recorded long-term lease on it.
Legal BlemishBlemishes on a piece of property, such as a zoning violation or fraudulent title claim.
Legal Descriptionlegally acceptable identification of real estate by government survey, metes and bounds, or recorded plat.
Lesseea person to whom property is rented under a lease.
Lessorone who rents property to another under a lease.
Letto rent a property to a tenant.
Letter of Intentwritten expression of desire to enter into a contract without actually doing so.
Liabilitiesa person's debts or financial obligations. Liabilities include long-term and short-term debt, as well as potential losses from legal claims.
Liability Insuranceinsurance coverage that offers protection against claims alleging that a property owner's negligence or inappropriate action resulted in bodily injury or property damage to another party. See also homeowners insurance.
LienA claim on a property of another as security for money owed. Examples of types of liens would include judgments, mechanic's liens, mortgages and unpaid taxes.
Lien Theory StateTexas is a Lien Theory State, where legal title of mortgaged property resides with the mortgagor (borrower), with the mortgage as a lien against the property. Contrast with title theory state.
Life Estatean interest in property that terminates upon the death of a specified person.
Life Tenantone who is allowed to use property for life or the lifetime of another designated person.
Lifetime CapThe highest amount over the initial interest rate that an adjustable mortgage can be raised. Lifetime caps are typically in the range of 5.0% - 7.0%. If the initial interest rate is 5.25% and the lifetime cap is 6.0%, the highest interest rate a borrower could pay during the course of the loan would be 11.25% (5.25% + 6.0%).
Like-Kind Propertyproperty having the same nature.
Limited Partnershipone in which there is at least one partner who is passive and limits liability to the amount invested and at least one partner whose liability extends beyond monetary investment.
Line Of Creditan agreement by a lender to extend credit up to a certain amount for a certain time without the need for the borrower to file another application.
Liquidated Damagesan amount agreed upon in a contract that one party will pay the other in the event of a breach of contract.
Liquidityease of converting assets to cash.
Lis PendensLatin for "suit pending", recorded notice of the filing of a lawsuit, the outcome of which may affect title to real property.
Listingwritten agreement between a principal and an agent authorizing the agent to perform services for the principal involving the principal's property.
Loan Application (1003)A loan application that is required for conforming loans. It has become the standard application for most residential loans, even non-conforming loans.
Loan Origination FeeMost lenders charge borrowers an origination fee--or points--for processing a loan. A point is 1 percent of the total loan amount.
Loan PackageThe organized group of documents that contains all of the information required to obtain an underwriting decision of loan approval or loan denial. Depending on the type of loan and the particular lender, a package may contain some or all of the following as well as other documents: loan application, statement of use of funds, statement of net worth, P & L statements, tax returns, pay stubs, statements from various types of banking and investment accounts, property appraisal, letters of explanation, credit report, verification of employment, verification of housing payments, purchase agreement, etc. (See definition of "underwriting" below.)
Loan-to-Value (LTV)The ratio of the size of the loan to the value of the property. If the loan is $80,000 and the value of the property is $100,000 the LTV is 80% ($80,000 / $100,000).
Lot and Blockmethod of identifying legal description of property, see Legal Description.
Lot Linea line bounding a lot as described in a property survey.
Low-Documentation LoanA mortgage that requires only minimal verification of income and assets
Low-Down-Payment loanA home loan that requires the borrower to make only a small down payment before obtaining the financing needed to purchase a house.

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